Christmas at Wreay

We are now past the half way point of the autumn term and, with the weather turning colder and the nights drawing in, this is an ideal time to both reflect back on the school year so far and to look ahead to the magic of the festive period in school.


This term has not been without its challenges for school but, thanks to the support and patience of our parents, pupils and staff, we have managed to maintain our usual high standards and come through the other side. The biggest obstacle that we have encountered has been the ongoing saga with our drains. Fortunately, our new water treatment plant is now fully installed and up to speed and we have made a smooth transition back to using our internal plumbing. I’m sure you will all share the relief we felt as we watched the portaloos finally being towed away on Friday!


An additional unexpected hurdle that had to be overcome was the delay in moving in to the new classroom, with the build overrunning by a few weeks. I can, however, say with some assurance that it was worth the wait! It has been wonderful to see Key Stage 1 transition so smoothly in to their new surroundings and to already be making great use of the new space. The size and layout of the class allows for great flexibility of use, with both a large open plan space suitable for whole class teaching and smaller, quieter areas ideal for small group work available to the KS1 team. Mrs Benn, Mrs Garson, Miss Sharpe and Mrs Patterson have worked tirelessly to minimise any disruption from the move and have been rewarded by the fantastic start the class have made to life in their new surroundings. In addition to these spaces within the classroom, the new glass folding doors allow us to create a huge open-plan space, comprising both the KS1 and Year 3 classrooms. We are hugely excited about the prospect of using this space and its potential for use for wet lunches, large assemblies and more.


The most recent building issue we have had to overcome was that of a broken water pipe that was causing a steady leak in to one of our new offices. Due to the nature of the leak, and steps required to solve the problem, we had no choice but to close school for a half day in order to address the issue. With this dealt with, we are hopeful that we have cleared the last of our difficulties with the school building for a long time! We would like to once again thank you for your support throughout these somewhat trying times.


Looking ahead to the last weeks of term, one cannot help but feel excited by the prospect of all that lies in wait for the children. The celebration of the nativity is obviously a key event in the Christian calendar and this is very much reflected in school. Over the next month, the children will be engaging in learning around the story of Jesus’ birth and reflecting on its significance and the continued impact that it has upon our own lives. Within lessons, they will have the opportunity to take part in activities that will reinforce their understanding of the key events of this time of year and underline its significance to Christians.


The run up to Christmas was kicked off in style last week by the annual pantomime, with pupils and staff alike thoroughly enjoying M&M Theatre’s production of Cinderella. Ahead of us awaits a whole host of festive events, including the Reception and Key Stage 1 Christmas play, the KS2 carol concert, the Christmas lunch, the PTA Christmas Fair, Christmas parties and more!


Finally, I would like to thank everyone who attended the annual PTA Quiz on Friday and helped to make it such a wonderful social event. Mr Nelson always puts on a fantastic evening and once again produced a fun and engaging quiz that was enjoyed by all. I must admit, it was somewhat of a relief to see the teachers’ team regain the coveted title for the first time in several years, albeit by the tightest of margins. The next PTA event is the Christmas fair; anyone who wishes to help out can contact Jill Hope, either through the PTA Facebook page or via the school office.  The PTA is open to all parents at school and they are always extremely welcoming to new attendees who wish to help with their fantastic efforts in supporting school.


As you may have noticed, Mrs Gething is currently away from school for a long-scheduled surgery. In her absence, Miss Griffiths will be standing in for her in the office; any enquiries can be directed to her as normal. We wish Mrs Gething a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming her back in around 12 weeks’ time.


Key School Dates:


Friday 7th December

PTA Christmas Fair (Doors open at 1.30pm)

Friday 14th December

KS2 Christmas Concert

Tuesday 18th December

School Christmas lunch

Wednesday 19th December

Reception & KS1 Christmas Concert

Wednesday 19th December

KS2 Christmas Party

Thursday 20th December

KS1 Christmas Party

Friday 21st December

School closes for Christmas (Toy afternoon)

Tuesday 8th January

School reopens for Spring Term


Posted by Thomas Nelson on 30 November 2018

Category: Headteacher's Blog