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Our Mission Statement

We view each child as unique, a gift from God, and value and care for them accordingly; and, by our example we aim to foster in them a respect for, and understanding of, our own faith and the values and faiths of other people. We seek to build, maintain and encourage relationships based on Christian values and make prayer and the life and worship of the local church worthwhile experiences.

We aim to deliver the National Curriculum and Religious Education programmes of study in a stimulating and challenging way so that each child has an equal opportunity to strive to achieve their maximum potential. We aim to monitor the progress of each child and assess, record and report that progress appropriately.

We seek to prepare the children in Wreay School for entry into the wider community outside school by encouraging positive links between their homes, the school and society and to foster in them attitudes and qualities which will enable them to become more confident, caring, respectful and responsible members of that society.