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Administration of Medicine

Medicines and medication are not items provided as part of the school first aid equipment. Any medicine or medication required should be provided by the parent/guardian.

Any pupil requiring medication to be administered or kept on their behalf should be known of by the head teacher. A record of the names of those pupils concerned together with the prescription details will be kept along with a signed request from the parent or guardian or medical practitioner. Where appropriate this request should be accompanied by detailed instructions on dosage and/or application. It is important that the prescription details are not deviated from unless further written prescription details are given to the school.

The administration of medication is not a normal occupational duty of staff. It should be usually possible for the timing of periodic doses of most medication to be arranged outside school hours.

It is recognised that certain conditions may require regular treatment of a personal nature and that the individual concerned may have received special training in how to treat themselves (e.g. injection of insulin). In circumstances where this applies to a pupil, it will be appropriate for the head teacher to look after medication until requested for use.